Not as I do

I’m shocked! President Donald Trump missed a golden opportunity for a photo shoot on Sunday. He demanded that churches be opened up for services, calling it essential, so wouldn’t one think he’d be at church — maskless, of course — glad-handing and intermingling with the congregants?

Was he there? No, of course not. He was on the golf course. Another fine example of, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Pat Dempsey


Brakey has my support

I’m supporting Eric Brakey for Congress because our country is in trouble and we need a proven champion to fight for Maine.

Former Sen. Brakey served in Augusta for four years. In record time, Brakey passed constitutional carry, reformed welfare and restored our right to try. Brakey accomplished so much in his first year alone that even commentators at the Portland Press Herald called him “ Rookie of the Year.”

Meanwhile, both of Brakey’s primary opponents were in Augusta for several years, with little to show for it. If they had accomplished anything worth mentioning, they’d be telling us about it. Instead, they seem to be trying to distract us from their pitiful records by attacking Brakey and latching onto his many accomplishments.

When Brakey left office, he didn’t stop winning for Maine: organizing thousands of grassroots Mainers to defeat proposals for “ red flag” gun confiscation and the national popular vote.

We have big challenges in America. Our economy is spiraling. Our health care system is broken. Our troops have been fighting overseas for decades. With challenges so big, who are we going to send to fight for us in Washington? One of the backbenchers? Or our MVP?

Let’s send our MVP to Washington. I’m voting Brakey for Congress on July 14 and invite all Maine people to join me.

Rep. John Andrews


Get out and vote

Recently, we have seen a large push to either open mail-in voting or to put a halt to it. This of course leads to the question, “why?”

It seems that the right wing is afraid that a mail voting will be fraught with illegal votes. Or that they can’t win if there is a mail-in vote.

Their first fear of voter fraud has no basis in fact. Several states have been able to run mail voting quite successfully for years. We have long had absentee voting being utilized nationally by our service men and women serving away from home. Home-bound citizens have been able to vote in this manner.

Would it not be of benefit to the Republican Party to appeal to the majority of voters — to gain their confidence and support through their actions? Maybe invest in what appeals to the vast majority of Americans with the writing of bills that benefit the vast majority? I believe that many of that majority are getting tired of all the bashing before reasoned thought.

We have heard repeatedly that the Affordable Care Act is bad for America and that the Republicans have plans that will be better and cheaper. Where are these plans? I would think that health care would be of concern to all Americans.

It is pathetic that any group of Americans would do anything to impede Americans from exercising the right to vote.

Please exercise your power by voting. By any means possible. Whether you are affiliated (registered) with any party or are independent, get out and vote. The more people vote the more the politicians will be forced to act on behalf of all the citizens of this country.

Thomas Bonner


Sticking to the facts

Although I greatly appreciated the obviously well-researched, highly detailed and lengthy article, “ Unraveling the collapse of a Maine real estate empire” in the BDN on May 13, I was disappointed that the BDN chose to include what many may perceive to be a gratuitous swipe at President Trump in one of the bold-printed paragraph headlines, “I’m the Donald Trump of Portland.”

Because the gist of the article is that Scott Lalumiere apparently conducted a series of highly questionable, if not illegal, financial transactions, your quotation, from an anonymous source, “I’m the Donald Trump of Portland,” tars Trump by putting him in the same unsavory category as Lalumiere.

Next time, please stick to the facts and limit quotes from sources who choose to be anonymous.

Ed Linz


You can’t fix stupid

Last Monday, my daughter called me from St. Stephen, New Brunswick, and informed me that there were no new active cases of the coronavirus in the province. It was clean.

When the coronavirus hit, the border between Canada and the U.S. was closed. Then New Brunswick closed its borders to other provinces. People were told to stay home, and if they were caught at somebody’s home or in their car, they were subject to a $300 fine. Different businesses and recreation were closed. Sure, people suffered and were unhappy — especially the kids with no playmates — but they fought through it.

Several weeks ago, with the cleaning up of the province, they went into phase 1 and could have a buddy visit back and forth with the kids able to play.

Two weeks ago, they went into phase 2, opening certain businesses with restrictions. This weekend other businesses and recreation opened, with restrictions.

These have been and are being enforced. If we had done the same over here when it first happened instead of weeks later, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are now. Gov. Janet Mills came out with all the orders, but they were not enforced strongly enough. What good is talk if you don’t enforce it? Then people can come into Maine but have to quarantine for 14 days. Who is watching these people to see if they are quarantined alone? This is the biggest mess the governor has allowed.

And what is wrong with people who want to party and want recreation places to open so they can have fun, instead of trying to get rid of this disease?

Like Ron White said, “You can’t fix stupid.”

Carl N. Ripley