A car drives by an election day voting sign on outer Congress Street in Portland on Tuesday, June 14, 2022. Credit: Troy R. Bennett / BDN

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Elections are critical to our democracy for it to function. State and local elections ultimately affect the health of all Mainers.

As an organization with hundreds of healthcare professionals, Maine Providers Standing Up for Healthcare urges all Mainers to support and vote for candidates who will: Support the expansion of MaineCare to all in need of access to care; support paid family and medical leave to strengthen families when they grow, experience illness, or have unplanned emergencies; support the autonomy of individuals to choose reproductive health choices for themselves, including abortion and LGBTQ+ appropriate care; respect and support the gender identities of individuals; advocate for programs to effectively reduce the ravages of alcohol and substance use disorder; and work to eliminate disparities in health care access and health outcomes for our communities of indigenous Mainers, immigrants and people of color.

We all deserve access to healthcare so we can be safe and lead full and productive lives.

Elections have consequences. This is how we preserve our democracy. Please vote like our lives depend on it — they do.

Brendan Prast


Maine Providers Standing Up for Healthcare