Carlos Munoz reaches out to hug Larkin Stallings of Vineyard Haven, Mass., as the immigrants prepare to leave St. Andrews in Edgartown, Mass., Friday, Sept. 16, 2022. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis took the playbook of a fellow Republican, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, to a new level by catching officials flat-footed in Martha's Vineyard, Mass., with two planeloads of Venezuelan migrants. Credit: Ron Schloerb / Cape Cod Times via AP

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The Sept. 27 column in the Bangor Daily News, “Abortion saves lives” must be among the most Orwellian of recent political sound bites. I think it is no less than declaring war against the most innocent of human lives! Couple this with the denial of the reigning Democrats and the liberal media to lay enough blame on the out-of-control border for the fentanyl poisoning of our kids. Now you have some idea why life expectancy in the U.S. is  declining significantly.

We must question what I believe is the propaganda of those obsessed with power, and who heighten the hatred of life-affirming conservative citizens. For instance, the editorial declaration that the good citizens of Martha’s Vineyard had “immediately stepped up” to accommodate the incoming group of immigrants when quite the opposite ended up being true in the longer term! No clarification or retraction of that has followed. But, there has been a lot of hysterical “human trafficking” accusations toward a politician who may loom large against such hypocrisy in the future.

Donald Mendell