The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Castine is pleased to announce that nine 501c3 Non-profit Organizations have been awarded a Pulliam Grant for 2022. The Pulliam Social Justice Grants were created to honor the memory of the late Deborah Pulliam, a longtime member of the Congregation and benefactor for social justice causes. This year we are honored to announce grant funding for the following organizations:

-Downeast Community Partners for Friendship Cottage, to provide a Meal Delivery Program for low income and disabled people. $6,000

-Finding Our Voices to provide audio engineering for “Let’s Talk about It” radio show on WERU-FM. $6,000

-Food AND Medicine, to provide a navigator program for unemployed workers, partnering with AFL-CIO. $5,000

-Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry, to increase the food budget and provide food through a mobile pantry. $6,000

-OceansWide, to partially fund training for middle & high school students from Brooklin, Sedgwick, Deer Isle & Stonington to clean up ghost traps, (abandoned or lost lobster traps) from the seafloor. $6,000

-Opiate-Free Island Partnership, to train EMTs to carry and distribute Narcan and distribute fentanyl test strips. $6,000

-Peace and Justice Center of Eastern Maine, to hire a coordinator and rent a space to bring together groups and issues and solutions regarding lack of affordable housing. $4,000

-Unitarian Universalist Church of Ellsworth, to increase accessibility, to provide benches and improve bridge in a new outdoor gathering space. $6,000

-UU Ministry for Earth, to fund a year-long forum/caucus for black, indigenous, and people of color workshops. $5,000

The grants this year totaled $50,000 and were open to 501c3 organizations. “These grants are only one of the many ways in which Deborah Pulliam’s generosity is reflected in our community,” said Rev. Margaret Beckman, UUCC’s minister. “We congratulate the awardees and take great pleasure in being able to assist them in their missions.” Pulliam Grants are made annually.

Applicants, deadlines, and ground rules for the 2023 round of grants will be published early next year on our website,