PORTLAND – The Olympia Snowe Women’s Leadership Institute has welcomed Jenn Day as development associate.

Day joins the Institute in serving 555 Olympia’s Leaders — program participants, 222 Olympia’s Leaders Advisors (OLAs) — business and community leaders serving as their mentors, and 37 School Contacts as they navigate the “My Values” (10th grade), “My Voice” (11th grade), and “My Vision” (12th grade) program raising the confidence and aspirations of high school girls across Maine.

Specifically, Day will assist with development and help raise the funds needed to keep the program both possible and sustainable, at no cost to participants or their schools.

Executive Director Christina McAnuff shared, “The Institute is proud to have astonishing support from a network of foundations, corporations, and individuals and thrilled to have added a full-time position dedicated to nurturing them. Jenn will also be invaluable in creating new relationships, especially in areas local to our Partner Schools in every county in Maine. Jenn has many talents and ideas carrying over from a lengthy career in real estate that will translate well to this role and, in turn, further our development efforts.”

Founder and Former U.S. Sen. Olympia Snowe added, “Jenn‘s expertise, energy, and passionate belief in our mission are an extraordinary fit for the Institute’s current needs. I am confident she will strengthen relationships with our current supporters and shepherd in an abundance of new partners, which will help carry forward my vision to uplift young women as they explore and take on leadership roles here in Maine.”

For nearly 30 years, Day worked as a real estate broker representing clients throughout the state. In addition, she brings experience in marketing, communications, education, and a long history of dedicated board, public, and community service.

Day holds a bachelor of science degree in business education from Thomas College as well as an associate of science degree in management from Midstate College. She was born and raised in Maine, where she also married and raised two children.

Day commented, “I am delighted for the opportunity to combine my career experiences and time spent in community and public service, with the mission of the Olympia Snowe Women’s Leadership Institute of increasing the confidence, engagement, and achievements of young women during their high school years. Central to my own personal journey has been a supportive network of women who helped me navigate my way.  What an honor it is to be a part of delivering Olympia Snowe’s vision of helping girls here develop additional skills to become higher achievers and leaders.”