If you have spent any time observing crows, you know they are loud, often obnoxious and basically have no fear — at least not as far as their bird brethren are concerned.

Their corvid cousins, ravens, are equally unwilling to play second fiddle to other bird species.

A case in point is today’s trail camera video provided by Allie Ladd of Byron. As he often does, Ladd placed some roadkill in an opportune location where he knew the critters would come in to eat.

Thus, we are able witness a confrontation between a turkey vulture and a pair of ravens, one of which makes no bones about the fact it does not intend to allow the larger bird to have its lunch in peace.

The common raven is the size of a hawk and, according to the National Audubon Society, is an intelligent and adaptable bird. Ravens exist by being scavengers and predators and are able to live in a variety of climates.

This raven is not in any way intimidated by the turkey vulture. In fact, it pretty much subjects the vulture to continuous torture, causing it to fly away.

We don’t get a glimpse of the behavior here, but the turkey vulture might have one weapon the raven can’t deal with. According to AllAboutBirds.com, turkey vultures may vomit on a bird, animal, or human that gets too close.

Thanks to Allie Ladd for another entertaining Maine trail camera video!

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