Elliott Ebbett of Vermont pulls his son Leo toward the costume parade on Jan. 22, 2023, at Carters XC Ski Center in Bethel, during the center's annual Wooden Ski Day. Credit: Russ Dillingham / Sun Journal via AP

Today is Wednesday. Temperatures will be in the mid-teens to to mid-20s from north to south, with clouds encroaching up north and bountiful sunshine to the south. The warmest temperatures are behind us as a dangerous cold prepares to descend on the state. See what weather is in store for the rest of the day here. Here’s the latest on gas prices in Maine.

Here’s what we’re talking about in Maine today.

Most Maine crime victims don’t go to the police

A fifth of those Mainers surveyed were a victim of a crime committed by a domestic partner or family member.

Dangerously cold Arctic air could set record in Bangor

Bangor will see temperatures fall below zero for more than 36 hours, with wind chills driving the mercury even lower.

What Mainers need to know about the COVID public health emergency’s end

Maine will be heavily affected by the end of rules that allowed people to stay on Medicaid for longer than they would be eligible in normal cases.

Maine ratepayers to pay $1B for Aroostook wind power line

The Maine Public Utilities Commission ruled that the project and costs are in the public interest.

A rural section of Belfast will soon get high-speed internet

The project’s first phase will provide high-speed access to more than 1,500 residential households and 650 businesses mostly in western Belfast.

Andre Miller trains in Bangor to rejoin the New York Giants next season

He was contracted for the team last year, but after an injury never got to play.

Maine’s only DIY podcast studio is now open

Now, you can get your podcast ideas into your neighbor’s earbuds with minimum fuss and maximum audio quality.

Aroostook couple uses ancient practices for new botanicals business

Jennifer Noonan and William Sarante started Big Brook Botanicals and Massage Therapy last fall.

Violinist brings concerto brilliantly to life with the Bangor symphony

The 29-year-old plays with his entire body — channeling the music from his toes up through his heart and out through deft fingers.

The unlikely the heartbreaking friendship between a rescued turkey and rooster

After his brother disappeared, Joe was the only turkey left on the farm. His loneliness didn’t last long.

How do you feel about coyotes in Maine?

Can Mainers live in harmony with coyotes or do you view them as a problem? We would love to hear your thoughts.

How I finally got this cool critter in front of my new trail camera

BDN Outdoors editor Pete Warner was able to make out the glowing eyes of a creature clearly sniffing around for a snack.

In other Maine news …

Janet Mills will deliver budget address on Valentine’s Day

Delivery truck narrowly avoids going into ocean in Winter Harbor crash

Bangor’s Fiddlehead Restaurant will reopen temporarily before sale

Bangor issues reminder of how to avoid broken trash cans

Dover-Foxcroft’s Radar Runs still planned for Saturday despite cold